Suz Cruse

Sharon Tipene

Joanne Creagh

Stacey Wojtas


Our logo of “making it real” ensures the Professional Development and Learning we provide:


• Links theory and practice in a meaningful
way for teachers.

• Connects to centre philosophy ,values
and beliefs.

• Links with current trends, interests and
best practice expectations.

Some of the core values that drive us as an organisation are to:


• Be a strong advocate for children.

• To be leaders and learners.

• To be sincere and connected.

• To be truly ethical.

• To be an agent for change.

Currently we have 4 skilled facilitators within our team who cover a range of topics to support teacher, leader,

parent and team growth. Our skills and knowledge draw from our extensive years within the early childhood,

primary and adult teaching sectors across a variety of philosophies within New Zealand.


We look forward to supporting you on an exciting journey of ongoing learning that will inspire and motivate you.

Our mission statement

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