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Do you look at professional development opportunities and think that it is not quite what you
are looking for? Are you wanting professional learning that honours and supports where you are
at as a team and grows you further?


Whole team, in-depth professional learning and development has the most impact on change of practice.
Through consultation these packages are tailor made to support the team within your centre philosophy and direction of the centre.  Examples of some topics are shared below but please
note we specialise in designing a professional learning package to suit you.

The complete assessment cycle

This is a series of 4 workshops tailor made recognising where the centre is at now and taking it to a new level by coaching teams to provide a rich curriculum supported by meaningful assessment and planning. It can include any of the following: Creating Stimulating Environments, Emergent Curriculum, Unpacking Learning Stories, Planning, Assessment for Learning, or Intentional Teaching.

Social Competence

This package will allow the team to look closely

at social competence, behaviour guidance and how emotional intelligence leads to responsive teaching. It will be tailored made to the centre and will begin with establishing the values and beliefs about behaviour, and explore positive strategies
to respond to it.

Developing Positive Team Culture

This package will allow the team to work together to develop
a vision and direction within the team, look at communication and conflict resolution strategies and develop a team contract to guide them forward. It will drive and motivate teams forward whilst offering strategies when the going gets tough.

Assessment for Learning

This package allows teams to look closely at assessment and understand how noticing and recognising leads the response (planning) step to create opportunities and possibilities for learners. This package can include workshops, individual learning story support and on the floor modelling and mentoring of noticing learning.

Strategic Planning

This package will allow the team to consider what they value, where they are going and how they will get there.
It will reflect and enhance centre philosophy and will include the development of a vision, strategic plan, self-review schedule to enable teams to develop action plans to support teams to set goals and reach them.


This package will support the centre to increase their knowledge and understanding of how to conduct reviews
to enable them to be equipped to review practice in a meaningful way. It will consider ERO’s perspective on review and support teams to develop a self-review schedule and a process for review.



This package which will support the centre to develop knowledge and understandings of what good transition looks like for children, parents and teachers. It will draw on current research and share strategies to support learners and families within transition.

Revisiting Philosophy

This package is designed to work alongside teams to explore individual and group values and ascertain core values to guide practice, relationships, directions and growth. Teachers will recognise the values that are currently visible within the
centre and identify strategies to enhance to bring all that
they believe to life.


This package is an opportunity to explore what environments promote as learning opportunities for children, consider what is valued and explore ways to create stimulating and enriching environments for young children. It will promote links to philosophy and offer ideas to support current learning needs of children.

Increasing bicultural practice within philosophy, environment, and teaching

This tailor made package is designed to support teams
to recognise and understand Maori values and beliefs and
explore ways to include these into programmes in a sincere and meaningful way. It will build practical knowledge,
skills and thinking’s to support teaching and learning and support the team to develop a philosophy statement
informed by these values..

ERO and MOE support

This package can come in a variety of ways according to need. It will focus on where the centre is at as a service and define
a clear pathway to improve whilst highlighting and embedding understandings around what our externals are striving towards as best practice. It can include post or existing licensing support, pre or post ERO, systems and procedures to ensure meeting requirements is sustained etc.

Infants and Toddlers

This package is designed specifically to support educators of infants and toddlers and can cover aspects of environments, planning and assessment, relationships and attachment, individualised care, partnership and  communication.
Options of how to scaffold these children's learning
dispositions alongside schemas, brain development and
how they learn are also possible.


This package will support leadership growth within teams and across the service. We will give insight into what effective leadership looks like in Early Childhood Education in New Zealand and provide mentoring to enhance individuals working within shared and positional leadership. This work will provide an opportunity to work alongside an experienced ECE leader to develop skills, knowledge and direction in your leadership. Our work with teams will allow us to address the day to day challenges teachers have as leaders and develop strategies to enhance their work.

Te Whāriki as a tool

This package will allow you to revisit the update Te Whāriki and what this means for our day to day practice. It will consider the changes and the impact on assessment, teachers and planning. This is an opportunity to embrace the refreshed tool with the support of a passionate and skilled facilitator.

Intentional Teaching

This package is an opportunity to look at what our intentional teaching looks like. We will examine what it is we are wanting to be intentional about and consider how to bring this to life. It will include exploring teaching techniques, strategies and goals for learners and how we evaluate the effectiveness of our teaching to support positive outcomes for learners. We will look at what this means for our planning and response steps to our assessments.

Are you wanting mentoring, guidance, supervision and professional conversations that spark, order and extend your thinking and leadership? Are you a centre owner , beginning teacher or team leader grappling to understand all the complexities in ECE and have nowhere to turn to share, debate and discuss in a professional way confidentially?


Then this is for you!

This individualised off site one to one mentoring programme comes in many ways:


Mentoring for individuals is an opportunity to engage in professional discussions to facilitate understandings of all
that you do, as well as continue to learn about and understand all that is new in the ECE world. It provides tools and strategies to deal with the complexity of the role of teaching and leadership from staffing to curriculum to  strategic planning. Please note this package can be offered as a walk and talk package.

Investment 6 months



This is individualised mentoring with a focus on leadership.
It will be responsive to the needs of the individual but will be heavily influenced by what quality leadership looks like in
ECE and how to work towards it. It will draw on current thinking’s  around leadership and share strategies to improve success with and alongside people. Some individual sessions could include walking (by negotiation)

Investment 6 months



This individualised one to one supervision is designed to provide a safe, confidential and professional forum for educators to make sense of all that they do and provide guidance to improve and evolve practice.

It is an opportunity to reflect on practice, understand it
and explore strategies to enhance outcomes for all ākonga.
This is a yearlong package with 1 hour meetings occurring offsite bimonthly.



Facilitated Network

These small focused learning groups are led by a skilled facilitator and meet bimonthly to discuss current trends, interests and areas of need as defined by the group. There are 5 meeting sessions plus a day visiting centres. This network extends your pedagogical, leadership and operational knowledge and informs you of changes and updates in the sector. Each group will focus on a topic relevant to the participants.
Current networks: Centre managers/owners, Beginning Teachers and PRT’s, Curriculum leaders, Head teachers and emerging leaders, Community Centre leaders and Reggio Emilio inspired centres and an Appraisal network.


This package can have a Te Reo/ Tikanaga Māori focus
in individual mentoring and the facilitated network groups.



Appraisal package

This package is designed in response to changing requirements of the Education Council for Centre managers and Owners, to be appraised by someone who is not their employee. It is also designed to support team leaders and those employed by boards and committees who would benefit from an external person with experience in ECE to appraise them.

It is a yearlong package is focused on supporting growth

via goal setting and links to the Registered Teacher Criteria

within an appraisal process.



1 year package individually priced according to need

Appraisal network

This network is designed to bring centre managers/owners together to develop professional relationships to engage in reciprocal appraisal arrangements. A skilled facilitator will meet with networks quarterly to support leaders to develop skills on how to appraise others effectively and provide support to create robust and sustainable appraisal.




Developing a centre Mihi Whakatau (Welcome).

This tailor made package is designed to support teams to recognise and understand Maori values and beliefs and explore ways to include these into programmes in a sincere and meaningful way. It will build practical knowledge, skills and thinking’s to support teaching and learning. It will support teams to develop a philosophy statement that incorporates these values.

2 sessions


Increasing bicultural practice within philosophy, within environment, within teaching.

A centre Mihi Whakatau is a shorter and less formal version >of a welcome that can be used in centres to welcome new children and their families as well as visitors to the centre.It is designed to support children and teachers to gain skills and knowledge on how to welcome visitors respectfully through a bicultural framework.Alongside a skilled facilitator it will be developed with your teaching team and children over 2 sessions to support bicultural practice in the centre.

3 sessions


Te Reo to support day to day teaching.

This is a 6 hit package is designed to support and extend teachers practical Te Reo Māori learning. It is designed to

work alongside teachers and children as a community

learning language and Waiata. It can be made up of on the floor coaching and teacher/ parent workshops and will

make learning authentic for all. Please enquire for price.

Parental education is an important part of centres commitment to partnership. We offer a series
of workshops that will engage, inform  and support parents in the understanding of teaching,
learning and Early Childhood Education.

How Pre-schoolers learn

This workshop is an opportunity for parents to hear from a skilled, experienced teacher and facilitator about how young children learn and what important learning looks like for this age group. It is designed to support the Centre philosophy

and will help parents gain ideas on how to support and promote learning that occurs naturally for children beyond ABC and 123.


Social competence (Behaviour management)

This session is an opportunity for parents to learn and be reminded of how to support their children to grow as socially competent beings. It will explore some of the common issues that arise for parents and identify strategies (tools) to support them. It is designed to be an interactive and informing evening


Looking at learning through a Te Whāriki Lens

This session will give an overview of Te Whāriki, our Early Childhood curriculum to your community in a parent friendly way. It will give parents an understanding of teacher’s commitment to the curriculum and how it is used to support children to grow as component and confident learners.


(NB prices quoted are within Christchurch inclusive of preparation and planning for up to 15 people. please enquire for a price for a larger group)

Workshops that the whole team attends support teaching teams to shift and develop thinking together to affect change for young learners. Through consultation a tailor made workshop can

be offered outside teaching hours (avoiding reliever costs) at your centre so we can support your philosophy and ways of teaching. Each workshop will offer practical ideas to enhance practice.

Areas of expertise include, yet are not limited to:

• Bicultural Practice & all things Māori

• Social Competence/ Behaviour Management

• Philosophy

• Emergent Curriculum

• Assessment and Planning

• Learning Stories

• Planning

• Environments

• Transition to School

• Curriculum Ideas workshop

• Te Whāriki

• Leadership

• Self-Review – Making Sense of it All

• Strategic planning

• Positive Team Culture

• Parenting workshops

• Committee and board support and education

• Curriculum and Assessment for Under 2’s

• Intentional teaching

• Empowering children


Prices quoted are within Christchurch and are inclusive of all sessions, preparation and planning.
All workshops have an individualised follow up option on site $350 + gst.

Up to 5 teachers


Up to 10 teachers


Up to 15 teachers


Up to 20 teachers


Teacher Empowerment was invited and accepted
as a preferred provider of the Ministry of Education for professional learning and development contracts. We are currently working in SELO - Strengthening Early Learning Opportunities contracts one and two.


Teacher Empowerment has been working alongside the ministry of education within these and previously approved contracts supporting learning within a wide variety of topics which are now available with us.

Teacher Empowerment is a facilitated the 5 out of 5 leadership series with Te Rito Maioha which was a national project aimed at raising achievement for all.


Teacher Empowerment facilitators have presented at a variety of conferences including NZEALS, Kidicorp, Evolve Education Group, The Gathering and Te Rito Maioha.


Teacher Empowerment is working alongside the Early Childhood Council offering workshops to members and non-members to improve practive of teachers throughout the sector.


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