You were able to change the thinking within my team in 3 hours and I 
have been trying to do this all year. You have a great way of explaining 
what learning looks like, how to assess it and make it meaningful in a 
way teachers can understand and change tomorrow. I noticed change 
in my team straight away and this has been sustained.
I was engaged for the full 6 hours! The delivery was clear and I loved that we were able to have open discussion at any point 
in the workshop.
l have learnt a lot from her workshop, the way she delivered the workshop and ways she identified helped me a lot in terms of my
leadership. I have already shared notes with my head teachers and implementing strategies to support our staff moving forward. 
I also have systems and procedures to help us accomplish our goals. Thank you Suz
Te Rito Maioha Conference
Working with the whole team on an indepth project changed so much for us. Not only did we learn about the topic we engaged in of philosophy we also got support to capture this learning within self review which in turn supported us to grow as a team working together. The facilitator had an amazing ability to connect with each team member and prompt individual growth in them and us as a whole team
We have been empowered and challenged to step up in our responsibilities to the centre which has resulted in our centre manager being more supported with an awareness of current practices and the latest requirements and recommendations from the Ministry, ERO and the Early Childhood sector as a whole. We now have the confidence that our practice can change and adapt to meet the changing needs of our children and the changing knowledge of what is ‘best practice’.
Chris ,Gemma and Elaine
Connecting with ongoing change as a driver for leadership. I feel the presenter Suz Cruse was a very positive person which came across as well as being someone who knew her subject well didn't need a power point presentation to deliver her message, as well as leaving us with heaps of information to follow up the workshop if we needed to.
Te Rito Maioha Conference

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I really enjoyed having a greater understanding of what the context of our learning stories should involve. How important it is to hear also what the parents are doing at home with the child and linking their input into the child’s story and how to achieve this was also of great value. There is much learning from this that I will take with me.